Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The boutique...
Let me just say, you Vintage lovers are in for a treat! We have been scouring the country in as many shops & boutiques as we can, & the items we have got our hands on are the SHIZZ, to say the least. Coming up in our next few listings...
Floral quilted waist coat/ jacket
Leather bags
pleated dresses
Floral pleated skirts
Christian Dior shirt
Chiffon blouses 
Sequin jacket.

Yes. Now i know your going to be screaming with excitement and waiting at your computer screen until the day we list these.
But until then, you grandma wannabe's are going to have to hold your little horses. While Jade & Nat find you some more little treats!
Peace & Love 
Nat and Jade
Kind hearts & coronets <3

Vintage chiffon blouse worn with black skinny jeans & bower hat
Vintage grandma cardigan. SOLD! 
Dre our bear. 6 weeks old.
Isn't he just the coolest thing you have ever seen!?
A pimping Gangster in the making.

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