Monday, 23 May 2011

Well hello there Monday morning!

Its the beginning of the week again and what a week to be had! Me and Jade are meeting up to find you some more vintage goodies she's bringing the gorgeous Dre with her. Then after all our hard work the party can start on Thursday for weekend long birthday celebrations! At the minute were planning on BBQing on the friday evening and then hopefully we'll be going glamping but the weather isn't filling me with confidence that our plans will come off, ah well there will be plenty of fun to be had whatever we do.

Here's a little montage of Kind Hearts and Coronets life this week

My favourite necklace second only to my Helen Ficolora

Got to love the Bud ducks! I randomly started collecting these in Australia and now I have more than I know what to do with! 5 of Kind Hearts favourite pieces, loving the maxi skirt and the drop waist Jaeger tea dress is adorable. Maxi skirt available soon, Jaeger dress for sale NOW check it out here, Wool pants, disco shirt and embellished jumper all coming soon. Matthew's Vespa isn't she a beauty! Had some lovely days out together courtesy of Bianca. One of many clothes rail at Kind Hearts and Coronets.

Until next time vintage lovers, from Kind Hearts and Coronets.........

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