Thursday, 24 February 2011

A taste of spring!

I started the day off browsing some of the local vintage boutiques to come across some perfect little finds! In the first, I found lots of unusual scarfs which I love to accessorise an outfit with, on my head or tied in a bow around my bag strap. To my surprise I also found some stunning blue suede shoes which fit my huge size niners! As I was leaving, this gorgeous pleated skirt caught my eye which I am rocking in the pictures. I have been searching high and low for a long skirt that I like, so I am very happy with this pre-loved item.
In the second boutique I got a fabulous chiffon Green blouse for next to nothing which is great as there going for more than £40 in american apparel. 
All in all, Today was a good day!
Chiffon dark green blouse
Pleated skirt
Leather brogues
Brown head scarf/ hippy bandana

My puppy Bart decided to get in on the action!

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