Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Hey everyone, we haven't been on here for a while just thought we'd let you know what we've been upto. On Friday night I went to see Elbow at the M.E.N arena in Manchester. They were amazing! The set up was very intimate, it probably helped that we were stood right at the front but the stage went out into the audience and Guy Garvey spent more time there than on the main stage singing with the audience and giving one woman flowers kissing her on the cheek, I was well jel. The highlight of the show for me was one my favourite Elbow songs Grounds for Divorce followed closely by Starlings, Open Arms and of course the beautiful One Day Like This which was incredible with the string quartet and the Halle Youth Choir. A giant mirrorball appeared from the roof for, obviously, Mirrorball which the audience were audibly glad to hear, although this was the case with almost every song.

The show was full of energy with Guy Garvey's voice dominating the stage especially on slower songs like Lippy Kids, which had the audience captivated. Lonliness of a Tower Crane Driver and Some Riot saw the audience enchanted, they didn't rely on grandiloquence to get the crowd going everyone was simply in awe of Guy's voice. Not that they don't know how to rock out Grounds for Divorce saw the crowd stomping around. They pulled out all the stops for their home town, Guy Garvey was a charming frontman who really captured the crowd. Elbow famously plugged away for more than 15 years before The Seldom Seen Kid won the Mercury Music Prize and they wanted to keep their gigs intimate even though they're selling out arena tours and that they did. Thank you Elbow for a wonderful night!!

The wonderful Guy Garvey

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